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Using Behavioral Interventions to Improve Reading Comprehension of Students with ASD in Inclusive Classrooms

Author: Debra Leach, Ed.D., BCBA

Overview:  This 3 CE units course is designed for BCABAs and BCBAs.  Participants learn about the need for explicit instruction to teach reading comprehensions to students with ASD in general education classrooms, procedures for using a question generating strategy in conjunction with other behavioral interventions, and methods for monitoring student progress.  The course requirements include readings, completing application activities, and taking a post-test to demonstrate that the objectives have been met.


  • Understand the need for reading comprehension interventions for students with ASD
  • Know how to use a question generating strategy to improve the reading comprehension of students with ASD
  • Know how to use direct instruction, peer-mediated interventions, visual supports, and self-monitoring to improve the reading comprehension of students with ASD
  • Know how to collect data on the reading comprehension skills of students with ASD to monitor progress

Instructions:  As you read through the PowerPoint the application activities are indicated in red font.  Complete those activities in one word document.  The word document and the completed post-test should then be emailed to Jennifer Rodecki at rodeckij@gmail.com.  In order to pass the course, participants must earn an 80% or higher.  The grading criteria is below:

  Points Points earned
Activity 1 5 points  
Activity 2 10 points  
Activity 3 10 points  
Post-test 10 points  
    Total Points earned: _____ out of 35
(must earn at least 28 points to receive credit)

Purchasing the Course: This course may be purchased through the paypal button below. Upon purchasing the course, you will receive an email containing the required course materials. The total cost of the course is $30.

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