Engage in Reciprocal Play


Engage in reciprocal play with a peer/sibling.

Criterion for Mastery

Independent for 5 consecutive days

Data Collection Procedures

Level of Independence

1:  Maximum Prompting:  Needed adult facilitation throughout the activity

2:  Moderate Prompting:  Needed adult facilitation for most of the activity

3:  Minimal Prompting:  Needed very little adult facilitation

4:  Independent

Teaching Procedures

1.  At first, it is best to have the peer/sibling follow the child’s lead or engage in an activity that the child likes and is comfortable with (as opposed to having the child “go play” with the peer/sibling with whatever that child is playing with).

2.  Facilitate interactions between the child and the peer/sibling using peer-mediated interventions. Direct most of your facilitation to the peer/sibling as opposed to telling the child what to do. For example, if the two children are playing with cars, you can say, “Brandon needs a car” to the peer/sibling to encourage the peer to offer Brandon a car instead of saying, “Brandon, go get a car.”

3.  In the beginning, you may need to engage in the play activities with the child and the peer/sibling until you can gradually fade yourself out.  You don’t want the interactions to fizzle out too quickly because the peer/sibling will likely want to end the activity.

4.  You may need to make some environmental arrangements to help the child engage. For example, if there are too many children playing at one time, you may need to ask just one peer to play with the child. Or, you may need to reduce some of the play materials available if the child gets over-stimulated with all of the “stuff.”

Note: While as much of your attention should be directed towards the peer/sibling as possible, that doesn’t mean that you can never direct the child. You just want to limit how much direction you are giving the child because the child will then be learning how to follow directions from an adult not necessarily how to engage in play with a peer/sibling.

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