Literal Comprehension


Answer simple literal comprehension questions immediately following a page read aloud from a _______ grade level book.

Criterion for Mastery

80% for five consecutive school days

Data Collection Procedures

Percentage Data (divide the number of correct, unprompted responses by the number of total questions asked)

Teaching Procedures

Use these embedded discrete trial procedures:

Antecedent: Read one page or small section of the book aloud to the student (or have the student read independently). Ask a literal comprehension question.

Prompt (if necessary): If the student does not respond correctly, restate or rephrase the question to see if the student can self-correct.  If the student still cannot answer correctly provide least-to-most prompts using the following hierarchy:

a.  Reread the sentence from the book that includes the answer and restate the question.

b.  Provide a fill-in. For example, if the question was, “What did the family eat at the picnic?” say “The family ate ________.”  The fill-in can also be provided in written format giving the student the opportunity to write the answer instead of saying the answer.

c.  If there is a picture that shows the answer, point to the picture after you ask the question.

d.  Use modeling/request imitation by supplying the answer and having the student repeat the answer.  Then restate the question again to give the student an opportunity to respond without the model.

Behavior: The student supplies the correct answer.

Consequence:  After the student responds correctly, provide positive reinforcement

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