Wait Appropriately


After finishing an activity (lunch, academic task, social activity, etc.), the student will remain in the designated area and engage in a preferred independent activity while waiting for the next transition independently.

Criterion for Mastery

Independent ratings for five consecutive school days

Data Collection Procedures

Level of Independence Rating System

1: Maximum Prompts: Needed adult facilitation to remain in area.

2: Moderate Prompts: Needed a verbal prompt(s)

3: Minimal Prompts: Needed a visual prompt(s)

4: Independent:  Did not need any prompts to stay in designated area

Teaching Procedures

1. Create a bag or box of interest-based materials that the student can engage in independently after completing a routine or activity.

2. After the completion of an activity or routine, provide the bag or box and allow the student to choose an independent interest-based activity.

3. If the student does not engage in the activity use the following least-to-most prompts hierarchy:

a.  Point to the activity the student selected or show a visual prompt such as a cue card or picture

b.  Provide a verbal prompt (ex. “Read your book.”)

c.  Provide adult or peer facilitation (ex. Read the book to the student, play a game with the student) and fade out when possible.

4. Provide positive reinforcement after the wait time is over as long as the student remained in the designated area (even if prompting was needed).


Other Options for Teaching Procedures
  • Create a Literacy-Based Behavioral Intervention such as a Social Story, modified Social Story, or Power Card to teach the student expectations for waiting in the designated area.
  • Use video modeling or video self-modeling to teach the student the expectations for waiting in the designated area
  • Use peer mediated interventions to teach peers how to engage with the student when waiting for a transition
  • Use self-monitoring by having the student record his/her level of independence using a rating system such as:

3.  I waited in my area and didn’t need reminders.

2.  I needed some reminders to stay in my area.

1.  I needed someone to help my stay in my area.

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