Trainings Provided by Jennifer Rodecki:

PBIS for the Classroom Teacher: Positively Decreasing Disruption and Discipline Referrals

PBIS for the Classroom Teacher is a one-day workshop for both general education teachers and teachers of exceptional children. The workshop focuses on applying the principles of positive behavior interventions and supports to inclusive settings. Participants will learn how to positively decrease disruption and discipline referrals by setting up a proactive classroom and implementing individualized behavior modification procedures for students with and without disabilities. During the workshop, participants will learn how to set up an individualized PBIS matrix for the classroom. Class-wide strategies such as token economies, creating and teaching rules and expectations, and positive reinforcement will be discussed. In addition, the workshop will focus on user-friendly behavior assessments to determine the function of students’ behavior. Teachers will be given tools and strategies to use when assessing problem behaviors and multiple tier-three strategies will be covered to provide participants with solutions to problem behaviors.

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Video Modeling, Video Self-Modeling, and Literacy Based Behavior Interventions: Effective Tools for Teaching Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders

This half-day workshop covers unique strategies for teaching students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). The workshop places an emphasis on using visual aids, such as video modeling, video self-modeling, and literacy based behavior interventions, to teach students with ASD. Participants will learn why these strategies are effective and how to incorporate the techniques into a variety of settings. Several examples of video modeling, video self-modeling, and literacy based behavior interventions will be given. Participants will have the opportunity to create literacy based behavior interventions during the workshop and receive feedback.

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Trainings Provided by Deb Leach:

Bringing ABA into Your Inclusive Classroom: Improving Outcomes for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

This one-day workshop provides educators with step-by-step procedures for using applied behavior analysis (ABA) to design and implement interventions to target the needs of students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in inclusive classrooms.  Participants will learn how to conduct meaningful assessments to gather relevant information to assist with setting individualized goals.  Sample assessment tools will be provided.  Attendees will learn how to use assessment data to set attainable goals for ABA interventions.  Procedures will then be shared for designing ABA interventions that will be embedded within the context of everyday instructional and non-instructional classroom activities to address the goals selected. A multitude of behavioral teaching strategies will be discussed that can be used when designing individualized interventions.  User-friendly data collection tools will be shared to allow for consistency in monitoring student progress.  Tips will be shared for building collaborative relationships among special educators, general educators, related service providers, and families to ensure success when designing and implementing ABA interventions in inclusive classrooms.

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Bringing ABA Into Home, School, and Play for Young Children with ASD and Other Disabilities

This one-day workshop is designed for early intervention professionals, early childhood teachers, and caregivers.  Participants will gain an understanding of how ABA can be brought into the everyday routines and activities of young children as opposed to implementing ABA in segregated, clinical settings.  Bringing ABA into real life contexts improves motivation and generalization of learned skills.  Step-by-step procedures for working as a collaborative team when conducting assessments, setting goals, designing and implementing interventions, and monitoring progress will be provided. 

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Deb and Jennifer both provide consultation to families, schools, school districts, and other agencies.  To set up individualized consultation to meet your needs contact Deb at or Jennifer at

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